Who Are We?

The Redcliffe Residents Action Group and Neighbourhood Development Forum (The Forum) is a voluntary group of local residents. Over 60 local people are members.


We are constituted under the Localism Act and are one of a growing number of community groups across the UK using new community planning powers to make their neighbourhoods better.


Over the past eight years The Forum has been developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (The Plan) which sets out the community’s vision for how Redcliffe should develop over the coming years.


As part of developing The Plan, we have been working with Bristol City Council and testing our ideas with the development industry to make sure that The Plan, as well as being ambitious and meeting the community’s needs, also- critically- is financially viable and can be delivered.


A Joint Delivery Board has been set up with representatives of The Forum and Bristol City Council to oversee the delivery of The Plan. The community has been working collaboratively with the Council in what is an innovative and progressive way to bring forward urban development.


Yvonne Long – local resident (Chair)

Melissa Mean – local resident  (Convenor Redcliffe Way Project)

William Liew – local resident (Treasurer)




How We Work: Community Co-Design

The Forum uses a Co-Design approach to help develop the community’s vision for the neighbourhood.


Community Co-Design brings together local residents and professional experts including architects, planners, engineers, and developers, to work collaboratively as equals.


We believe this approach  is very important in making a plan that is grounded in the everyday knowledge and knowhow of the local community and can draw on wider experience to deliver a truly innovative and ambitious development the whole of Bristol can be proud of


In developing The Plan we have worked with over 2000 local people and collaborated with a huge range of professional teams.


Activities have included collaborative workshops, exhibitions at the Architecture Centre and St Mary Redclifffe Church, a “Redcliffe Wish Cart” that toured the neighbourhood, a series of breakfast briefings for business, playable landscape games installed across the neighbourhood, and lots of events from big events for 400 people at the Arnolfini and small events for mums & toddlers at the community hall.


During the process of making The Plan we are proud to have worked with over 2000 people from across Bristol and our partners in the city and beyond.

Our Collaborators